iPhone 5C Release Date, Specs, Features Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile).

Samsung has got low budget device the Galaxy S4 Mini. HTC is going to bring the HTC One Mini and now Apple is working on launching a low budget iPhone 5. The device is called iPhone 5C. Analysts feel that the device will cost anywhere between 300USD to 400USD. The iPhone 5C will be priced quite less compared to the price of the flagship device.

Rumors about Apple to manufacture low budget version has been doing round for years but it is only now that the rumor is really going to come true. Apple is also slated to release an upgraded version of iPhone 5 called the iPhone 5S in the next month and it may be also the time when the budget friendly iPhone 5C will also enter the market.

iPhone 5C Design

iPhones are priced high mainly because it is made from high-end components. The aluminum body of the iPhone 5 is simply very irresistible. So, we can guess that the iPhone 5C which is going to slot as a cheaper device will be covered with low-cost plastic case.


Many new smartphones are being rolled out in different colors [courtesy Nokia Lumia devices] like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Moto X. We feel that the cheaper iPhone will also be made available in different colors. The tech world is considering the ‘C’ in iPhone 5C stands for color or cheap. Colorful iPhones will sure look amazing.

The iPhone 5 is getting upgraded to the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 4S is still available on sale and is also doing well. Experts are of the view that the iPhone 5C will come with more or less the same hardware specs that is present on the iPhone 4S. Going by this, the iPhone 5C will sport an 8MP camera and A5 chips manufactured by Samsung.

There are other rumors as well that say that the Apple iPhone 5C will come with 5MP camera. However, with an 8MP camera, the device will remain competitive to compete with the likes of Moto X which will come with 10MP camera.

This reminds us of the iPad Mini which has got the specs of iPad 2.  Leaked information about the iPhone 5C indicates that it will come out with a 4inch Retina display. This would be put the device on par with the forthcoming iPhone 5S and the existing iPhone 5 which also same sized display.

The iPhone 5C is rumored to come out in different storage variants like 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. It will be equipped with 1GB RAM. The iPhone 5C will also have a 1.9MP front facing camera.


iOS 7 Operating System

When there is a new version of iOS in the making, Apple likes to launch it with the new edition of iPhone. The iOS 7 is going to arrive soon so it would not be surprising to see the cheaper iPhone 5C to sport the shiny new operating system.

Even if the iOS 7 will be made available on the iPhone 5C, it may not have high-end features like the AirDrop or in-camera filters. Also, it is quite evident that iPhone 5C will not have the iPhone 5S.

Siri, the intuitive voice-assistant which released on the iPhone 4S and then it came on iPhone and iPad is one of the best features of the iOS. However, the cheaper iPhone 5C may not be blessed with Siri. The iPhone 5C will be powered with a low-end CPU. Siri requires Apple A5 CPU to function and this may be the reason why the iPhone 5C may not get Siri.

iPhone 5C Carriers
Till now, there is no news as to which carriers are going to support the new iPhone 5C. Like most of the predecessor models of iPhone, we can expect the iPhone 5C to be supported by different carriers. So, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular are the mobile networks which will support the iPhone 5C.

iPhone 5C Price

Most analysts are of the view that the iPhone 5C would be available for 300USD on contract. Some also feel that the pricing of the iPhone 5C will be around the pricing of Google LG Nexus 4.

The Google Nexus 4 has achieved such a success because it was available for sale at a very low price. Apple has never offered its product at ‘dirt cheap’ price. However, many Android phones are available at low prices. So, Apple iPhone 5C has to come out at a competitive price so that it can attract Android users.

iPhone 5C Release Date

When is the cheaper edition of iPhone 5 going to arrive? The big Apple event is slated to go live on September 10. The event is being held to reveal the new flagship device. Even if the iPhone 5C is announced on September 10, patrons will have to wait little more. It has been seen that Apple usually waits for the following Friday after the unveiling to take pre-orders. So, it may be available for sale from September 20.

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